What Are the Best Vegan Sausages?

What Are the Best Vegan Sausages?


If you’re vegan or you’re looking for meat alternatives, you might have been wondering what are the best vegan sausages. The good news is that you don’t have to settle for sub-par vegan options. There are some amazing sausages available that taste just like their animal counterparts.

Tofurky’s Plant-Based Italian Original Sausage

Tofurky's Plant-Based Italian Original Sausage What Are the Best Vegan Sausages?

A plant-based meat-free Italian sausage may be in the works. Beyond Meat is known for its Beyond Burgers, but they have also dabbled in the meat-free space. The company has released a limited-edition pizza, which has a meat-free Italian sausage in the centre. Developed in conjunction with Plantly, the company’s new gimmick, the aptly named Willow pizza, features a vegetarian version of the original with a vegan toppings list. Tofurky, the maker of many of the same products, has a full line of cruelty-free meat alternatives. These include a wide variety of gourmet and snackable items.

One of the company’s most popular offerings is the original Tofurky burger, which uses non-GMO pea protein in its secret sauce. The best part is that it’s tasty and comes with a full serving of veggies. As an added bonus, it’s also gluten-free. While most of the company’s meat alternatives are made with veggie burgers and hot dogs, the company does sell its own line of sausages. And for good measure, they’re sold frozen. Unlike their more conventional beef counterparts, they’re ready to eat in just a few minutes. Plus, they’re free of nitrates, fillers, and other artificial preservatives.

Besides burgers, the company’s offerings include sausages, a variety of pizzas, a full line of salads, and a smattering of desserts. Some even feature non-GMO ingredients, such as Tofurky’s Plant-Based Italian Sausage. In addition to the meat-free alternatives, the company has introduced a variety of healthy grazing snacks, including hummus and vegan cheese.

Simple Truth Plant Based Chorizo Sausage

Simple Truth Plant Based Chorizo Sausage What Are the Best Vegan Sausages?

Is the Simple Truth plant-based breakfast sausage the new kid on the block? It’s a well made, and well priced, meaty, albeit, plant-based sausage. In my unscientific survey of fellow meat eaters, most said they had no clue what to expect from the product line, but some were more than a little intrigued. One such member of the pack had a list of questions to boot, and the resulting “Is this sausage good for you?” session was short lived. Luckily, Kroger has an excellent customer service department and a robust rewards program to boot. Having said that, they are a bit more than a mile away, and they tend to close early. So if you are in the market for the next best thing to a full blown buffet, you should probably be heading for your local grocer of choice.

Farmhouse Sausage

The Vegusto Farmhouse sausage is a meat-free alternative to the classic banger. It’s free from hydrogenated fat and soy, and has a tasty smoked taste.

You can cook these vegan sausages in the oven or on the barbecue. They have a delicate peppery note, and are a good source of protein and fibre.

Vegan sausages are a healthy option that doesn’t have the same health risks as processed meat. They are high in protein, and are often lower in saturated fat than regular pork sausages.

While the flavour and texture of sausages varies from brand to brand, there are many vegetarian sausages that are completely vegan. These types of sausages are based on herbs, nuts, and spices.

Some brands of vegan sausages use soy protein. Soy is easy to add to recipes, and it can add a little bit of texture. However, soy isn’t suitable for gluten-free products.

The Swiss vegan Farmhouse sausage has a firm bite, and is best eaten sauteed in vegetable oil. Its mildly spiced flavour and smokey taste complement stews.

Heck Foods has a variety of vegan sausages. Their spicy apple chipolatas are also a good value choice.

Plant Chef Chipolatas are a good value choice, and sizzle like real sausages. They are low in price compared to premium vegan sausage options.

Aside from meaty sausages, there are also vegan breakfast sausages. Generally, these are small patties. Served alongside potatoes, they make a satisfying breakfast.

El Capitan

In the world of sausages, burgers, and booze, El Capitan’s Gourmet Sausages and Pretzels has something for everybody. This particular eminence has a tasty selection of pork, beef, and cheese, along with some delectable vegetarian fare. They are located at 411 North Bellingham Boulevard, Bellingham, Washington. Their menu is as eclectic as their patrons, which is a good thing. For the foodie in the family, a trip to this quaint locale is well worth the trip. The food is a hoot, especially when the weather is right. The restaurant’s booze ain’t the best around, but it’s not too bad, either. It’s also not bad to leave, and the company’s a nice place to hang out with the kids. And, oh yeah, they’ll deliver your orders on time. Not bad for a small business in a big city! Besides, their delivery fee is free for Uber One members, which is something akin to free if you’re lucky. Lastly, you won’t be stuck in traffic, which is good for the kids, and not bad for the adults.


Heura is a vegan meat brand that has rapidly grown into the Spanish alt meat market. The company is dedicated to making plant-based foods more accessible. Among its best-known products are chicken pieces and burgers.

It’s also worth noting that Heura is one of the first to launch meat-free options in a European country. These ‘pollo’ products are perfect for anyone transitioning to a plant-based diet. They have a realistic texture, but don’t have the ‘ick’ factor that many people associate with animal-based meat.

The company’s CEO, Marc Coloma, has sent messages to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez about the impact of climate change on plant-based foods. Heura is also committed to breaking new ground in the world of tech innovation.

Founded in Barcelona in 2017, Heura is now a global player in the meat alternative industry. It has grown to become the largest plant-based meat company in Europe.

Heura has a mission to change the way our food system works, and it’s paying homage to its Mediterranean heritage with its launching of new products. Heura’s vegan chorizo sausages are made from extra virgin olive oil and soya protein. This plant-based chorizo is similar to animal meat, but with 60% less fat.

In addition to its meat-free options, Heura’s products are a great source of protein. They contain 15-19 grams of protein, as well as Vitamin B12 and fiber. Unlike meat, they have no cholesterol, and are a good choice for anyone with a gluten allergy.


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