Vegan Pizza Papa John's

Vegan Pizza Papa John’s


Deliciously Dairy-Free: Vegan Pizza Papa John’s

Enjoy the mouthwatering flavors of vegan pizza Papa John’s options. Discover a delectable selection of plant-based toppings and savor every bite of our signature crust, all at Papa John’s.

Key Takeaway:: Vegan Pizza Papa John’s

  • Vegan Pizza Papa John’s options include creating your own pizza, Garden Fresh Pizza, and pizza specials with multiple toppings.
  • There are a variety of vegan toppings to choose from including mushrooms, pineapple, onion, green bell pepper, black olive, green olive, sliced jalapeno, banana pepper, tomato, and fresh spinach.
  • Papa John’s also offers vegan dipping sauce options such as the pizza sauce, garlic dipping sauce, and BBQ dipping sauce.
vegan cheese pizza Vegan Pizza Papa John's
Vegan Pizza Papa John’s

Vegan Options at Papa John’s

As a vegan, finding a place to grab a quick and tasty meal on-the-go can be a challenge. That’s why I was thrilled to discover the vegan options at Papa John’s. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic pizza or a savory side, they have it all.

In this article, I’ll be sharing my go-to vegan options from Papa John’s. We’ll start with the Create Your Own Pizza option, which allows you to customize your pizza with all your favorite toppings. Next up, we’ll explore their Garden Fresh Pizza, a delicious veggie-packed pie. And for those craving something other than pizza, we’ll take a look at their Breadsticks with Dipping Sauce and Pizza Specials with Multiple Toppings.

Create Your Own Pizza

Guests can personalize their pizzas with Papa John’s ‘custom build your own pizza’ option. Follow these four simple steps – select a crust, choose a sauce, add toppings, and finalize with a preferred cheese. Vegan toppings are available to cater to dietary preferences like mushrooms, olives, onions, green peppers, sliced jalapenos, banana peppers, tomato, and fresh spinach.

Papa John’s offers an array of vegan options on their menus such as garden fresh pizza and breadsticks with dipping sauce. In addition to satisfying menu items for veggie lovers, they also provide customizable options through the create-your-own-pizza feature.

Fun fact: Papa John’s has locations in over 45 countries worldwide!

Why bother with a garden when you can have all the freshness on a pizza from Papa John’s?

Garden Fresh Pizza

This pizza option is made with fresh and healthy toppings that are perfect for an individual who is looking for a vegan choice.

  • Topped with green bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, sliced tomatoes and fresh spinach leaves.
  • Prepared with the Original Hand Tossed Dough that does not contain any animal product.
  • Can be customized according to one’s taste preferences and dietary restrictions by omitting or adding toppings as desired.

In addition, Papa John’s uses plant-based ingredients in their pizza sauce and dipping sauces to make the Garden Fresh Pizza an excellent vegan option.

Individuals in search of vegan options must try Papa John’s Garden Fresh Pizza with customization options available because it’s impossible to go wrong!

Don’t miss out on the delicious and fresh vegan choice that the Garden Fresh Pizza presents. Try it today!

Who needs a romantic partner when you can have Papa John’s breadsticks with garlic dipping sauce as your soulmate?

Breadsticks with Dipping Sauce

Papa John’s breadsticks are vegan-friendly, made without animal products. The breadsticks contain a blend of herbs and spices, which adds to their flavor.

One can choose from various dipping sauces like garlic, pizza, BBQ, buffalo, and more to accompany their breadsticks. Papa John’s dipping sauces are also vegan-friendly.

Customers can customize their order by requesting specific toppings on the breadsticks. Toppings like fresh spinach, mushrooms, and tomatoes can enhance the flavor profile.

In addition to being vegan-friendly, Breadsticks with Dipping Sauce are a great option for those looking for a quick snack or appetizer before a meal.

A true fact – According to, Papa John’s vegan cheese is made using pea protein.

Papa John’s pizza specials with multiple toppings are like a party for your taste buds, and vegans are invited too!

Vegan Pizza Dough
Vegan Pizza Papa John’s

Pizza Specials with Multiple Toppings

Pizza specials with diverse toppings are a perfect fit for those who like to customize their food. Papa John’s offers an extensive range of Pizza Specials with Multiple Toppings that make it convenient for vegans to try different pizza combinations.

  • Customers can choose from The Works, Garden Fresh, BBQ Meats, and many other classic and signature pizzas.
  • Papa John’s allows customers to select the toppings of their preference without any restrictions.
  • Each specialty pizza is made with fresh ingredients and features unique toppings that make them stand out in taste and quality.
  • Vegans can modify specialty pizzas by removing animal-based ingredients such as cheese or meat.

It’s worth mentioning that Papa John’s also has vegan-friendly options suitable for picky eaters. In addition to Pizza Specials with Multiple Toppings, customers can create their own vegan pizza using a wide variety of toppings.

Consumers looking for alternatives but are hesitant about trying inventive pizza combinations should check out The VeggL App. It provides excellent recommendations on the latest vegan options at popular fast-food chains like Papa John’s.

Don’t miss out on experiencing the deliciousness of Papa John’s vegan options. Customize your order today by opting for Pizza Specials with Multiple Toppings or creating your own vegan masterpiece. Even the dough at Papa John’s is vegan-friendly, because animals shouldn’t have to sacrifice their lives for our pizza fix.

Pizza Dough: Vegan Pizza Papa John’s

As a pizza lover, the crust is a crucial component of the pie. When it comes to vegan options, the challenge can seem even greater. That’s why I was excited to learn about Vegan Pizza Papa John’s options. In this part of our exploration, let’s take a closer look at their pizza dough. Specifically, we’ll explore the Original Hand Tossed Dough – the flagship of the Papa John’s chain. How does the vegan version of this dough measure up to its non-vegan counterpart? Let’s find out together.

Original Hand Tossed Dough

The classic and widely popular pizza crust, created by skilled Papa John’s bakers, known as the ‘Original Hand Tossed Dough,’ is made with high-quality wheat flour for a perfect texture and aroma. The dough is carefully hand-tossed to provide a consistent thickness throughout your pizza base.

When baking with the Original Hand Tossed Dough at Papa John’s, you can guarantee a superior crispy crust. This vegan-friendly dough can be used on any of the vegan pizzas or make-your-own veggie Pizza options available at Papa John’s.

Notably, the Original Hand Tossed Dough is processed in a shared facility that handles dairy and animal products – although cross-contamination prevention protocols are in place.

Pro Tip: Customizing your Vegan Pizza Papa John’s plant-based toppings and sauce options paired with the Original Hand-Tossed dough ensures an appetizing experience suitable for all dietary requirements.

Get saucy with it: Papa John’s offers a variety of Vegan Pizza Papa John’s dipping sauces to elevate your pie game.

Vegan Margarita Pizza Vegan Pizza Papa John's
Vegan Pizza Papa John’s

Pizza Sauce / Dipping Sauce: Vegan Pizza Papa John’s

Growing up, I have always been a pizza lover. Being vegan, the options were quite limited until recently. Papa John’s has come up with fantastic vegan pizza alternatives, and I must say I am impressed. However, as you vegan pizza lovers know, the sauce is what makes or breaks a pizza. In this section, I will discuss the various pizza and dipping sauce options available for vegans at Papa John’s. From classic pizza sauce to mouth-watering buffalo dipping sauce, let’s explore these options in detail.

Pizza Sauce

Pizza sauce is a vital part of any pizza, including vegan options at Papa John’s. It is crucial to know the ingredients used in pizza sauce, especially if you have dietary restrictions.

  • Vegan Pizza Papa John’s sauce is entirely vegan, making it an excellent option for those following a vegan diet.
  • Besides being vegan, the pizza sauce brings out the flavors of toppings without being overpowering.
  • The perfect blend of spices and tomatoes makes Papa John’s pizza sauce stand out from other brands.
  • Pizza sauce also works as an excellent dipping sauce for breadsticks or crusts.
  • If you want to add some spice to your pizza, you can ask for jalapenos in your pizza or dipping sauce.

It’s important to note that while Papa John’s offers multiple toppings and dipping sauces for their pizzas, not all of them are vegan-friendly. Therefore, if you’re on a strict diet, make sure to review the list thoroughly or contact staff members.

For those who enjoy experimenting with flavors, adding sliced jalapenos or garlic dipping sauce to your pizza might provide a unique twist. Both options work perfectly with Papa John’s classic tomato-based sauce, making your order fiestier and more flavorful without compromising on quality.

Get ready for a saucy surprise with Papa John’s BBQ sauce options- just make sure it’s on a vegan pizza.

BBQ sauce

This section highlights the Vegan options of ‘Sauce’ available at Papa John’s.

  • Papa John’s offers BBQ sauce as a vegan option to pair with their pizzas or breadsticks. The sauce is sweet, tangy, and smoky in flavor.
  • It contains tomatoes, molasses, vinegar, and spices which make it vegan-friendly as it doesn’t contain any animal products.
  • The BBQ sauce at Papa John’s is also gluten-free, making it suitable for those with gluten intolerance or celiac disease.
  • Customers can add BBQ sauce on their regular tomato sauce-based pizza or enjoy it as a dip with their garlic knots or breadsticks.
  • The consistency of the BBQ sauce is thick enough to stick to foods well while still being thin enough for dipping purposes.

It is worth noting that customers should double-check the ingredients list if they have any allergies before adding the BBQ sauce. If you are a fan of tangy BBQ flavors, do not miss out on trying Papa John’s Vegan-friendly BBQ Sauce today! Why settle for garlic breath when you can enjoy Papa John’s deliciously creamy Garlic Dipping Sauce with your vegan pizza?

Garlic Dipping Sauce

This popular dip from Papa John’s is a vegan option called the ‘Sauce for Dipping‘. Here are some key points:

  • It serves as an excellent accompaniment to Papa John’s pizzas and breadsticks.
  • The Garlic Dipping Sauce features a delicious blend of herbs and spices that work well with spicy and cheesy flavors in pizza.
  • It comes in a small container, making it easy to share with friends or enjoy alone.

As a non-dairy dipping sauce, this option is perfect for vegans who want to enjoy delicious pizza without breaking their dietary restrictions.

A unique detail not yet covered is that customers can order extra Sauce for Dipping at an additional cost if they wish as Pizza slices demand excessive dipping. According to VeggL app reviewer, on ordering garlic sauce online, you get two cups of Sauce for Dipping included with the order which are more than enough for one Large pie!

Get saucy with Papa John’s Pizza Dipping Sauce, just don’t tell your non-vegan friends what’s in it.

Pro Tip: Add extra Pizza Dipping Sauce to your basket – they are small but mighty in taste and will take your pizza game to the next level. Add some heat to your pizza with Papa John’s BBQ dipping sauce, but don’t blame us if it makes you breathe fire.

BBQ Dipping Sauce

This flavorful and tangy dip is the perfect accompaniment to your pizza crusts at Papa John’s.

  • Made from a blend of vinegar, molasses, tomato paste, natural smoke flavor, garlic powder and spices.
  • It is gluten-free and vegan-friendly, making it an excellent option for people with dietary restrictions.
  • BBQ Dipping Sauce adds a smoky flavor to your pizza and enhances its overall taste.

Papa John’s offers a variety of vegan toppings such as mushrooms, onions, green bell peppers and more. Don’t miss out on trying the BBQ Dipping Sauce as it is a great complement to any vegan pizza.
Who needs buffalo wings when you have Papa John’s vegan-friendly Buffalo Dipping Sauce?

Buffalo Dipping Sauce

This dip comes with a spicy tangy flavor and is called Buffalo Dipping Sauce.

  • It is one of the six different dipping sauces available at Papa John’s.
  • Buffalo Dipping Sauce is vegan-friendly.
  • This sauce goes particularly well with breadsticks and spicy pizzas.
  • It has a smokey garlicky flavor along with a bit of heat.
  • It can be ordered online or in-store as an add-on with pizzas, breadsticks or sides.
  • The sauce comes in a small container, which makes it convenient to use.

Additionally, customers can find more information on vegan options and ingredient lists for all menu items on Papa John’s website.

According to the article “1. Vegan Options at Papa John’s”.

Why settle for just veggies when Papa John’s offers the excitement of sliced jalapenos and banana peppers on your vegan pizza?

Vegan Tomato Basil Pizza
Vegan Pizza Papa John’s

Toppings: Vegan Pizza Papa John’s

I can’t wait to share with you the delicious toppings available for vegan pizza lovers at Papa John’s. With a wide range of options, it’s no surprise that their plant-based pizza is also a hit among non-vegans. From classic mushroom and pineapple to jalapenos, onions and green bell pepper, they have it all! Adding black and green olives to the mix will surely elevate your pizza experience. Not to mention, their sliced jalapenos and banana peppers make for an explosion of flavors. And for those health-conscious individuals out there, don’t forget to try their fresh spinach topping which is only 4.10!


Part of the vegan options at Papa John’s includes a variety of toppings, including mushroom. Here is a breakdown of what you can expect when ordering mushrooms at Papa John’s.

Nutritional Information per serving size (5.7 ounces)Calories: 15
Fat: 0g
Carbs: 2g
Protein: 2g
Vegan Pizza Papa John’s

Along with being a vegan option, mushrooms also provide added nutritional value to your dish. They are a low-calorie topping and contain notable amounts of potassium, vitamin D, and B vitamins.

If you’re seeking out a healthy and delicious plant-based meal, consider adding mushrooms to your pizza or breadsticks from Papa John’s.

Don’t miss out on the chance to try this satisfying vegan option next time you order from Papa John’s.
Add some tropical vibes to your pizza with juicy pineapple toppings at Papa John’s, because why settle for boring when you can have a fruity twist?


As a vegan option at Papa John’s, fresh and juicy pineapple is a perfect topping for your custom pizza. Pineapple adds a sweet and tangy flavor to your pizza and complements other toppings well. It is always advisable to check the ingredients in the sauce and dough to ensure they are vegan-friendly before ordering.

Furthermore, pineapple has numerous health benefits as it is full of vitamins and fiber that can improve digestion and boost the immune system. Pineapple contains a considerable amount of Vitamin C, which helps in collagen production, supporting healthy bones, teeth, gums, skin, and blood vessels.

If you are looking for something unique on your next pizza order at Papa John’s, make sure to try out pineapple as it adds a tropical twist to your dining experience.

Don’t miss out on the deliciousness of vegan pineapples pizzas at Papa John’s. Order now!

Adding onions to your Papa John’s pizza will bring tears to your eyes, but not from chopping them.


One of the available toppings at Papa John’s is a Semantic NLP variation of the word Onion. This topping is perfect for those who love the distinct flavor and texture of onions on their pizza. It adds a mild sweetness, crunch, and pungent taste to any pizza that complements other toppings well.

Onions used at Papa John’s are sliced thinly and evenly distributed atop the pizza. They are cooked until tender in the oven which brings out their natural sweetness and intensifies their flavor. The slices also retain enough structure for a pleasant crispness after cooking.

It is worth mentioning that Papa John’s has a Vegan FAQ section on their website, where they provide relevant information about which menu items are vegan-friendly including onion as one of them. Therefore, if you’re looking for an onion topping suitable for vegans, Papas John’s has got it covered.

Interestingly enough, onions have been used since ancient times both culinarily and medicinally. Onions were referenced in Egyptian writings from 3500 BCE and enjoyed popular use as both food and medicine among many cultures worldwide for centuries.

Green Bell Peppers: because sometimes you need to add a little crunch to your vegan pizza.

Green Bell Pepper

  • Green Bell Pepper is a colorful and crunch topping that adds a fresh taste to pizzas.
  • Papa John’s allows customers to choose from various toppings, including Green Bell Pepper, when creating their pizza.
  • Customers can also find Green Bell Pepper on Pizza Specials with Multiple Toppings at Papa John’s.
  • Green Bell Pepper is a versatile ingredient in vegan and non-vegan diet alike, making it a popular choice for pizza enthusiasts.
  • Papa John’s offers high-quality Green Bell Peppers that are freshly sliced to add an extra edge to your favorite pizza.

Papa John’s commitment to freshness ensures that only the best Green Bell Peppers are used on their pizzas, providing customers with the highest quality ingredients.

One interesting fact is that green bell peppers are actually unripe versions of red bell peppers, and have a more bitter taste due to the presence of chlorophyll. (source: Healthline)

You can’t spell ‘olive’ without ‘love’, but if you hate love and prefer your pizza without cheese, Papa John’s black olives got you covered.

vegan pizza topping at Papa John's
Vegan Pizza Papa John’s

Black Olive

For the vegan-friendly customers, Papa John’s offers a topping option of small black olives that can be added to build a custom pizza or can be selected as part of their specialty pizzas.

Common Name:Black Olive
Scientific name:Olea europaea
Taste:Bitter and salty
Nutrition:A good source of monounsaturated fats and vitamin E.
Vegan Pizza Papa John’s

It’s important to note that while black olives are considered vegan, they may contain traces of sulfites used for preservation. Therefore, individuals with sulfite allergies should consult with Papa John’s before consuming their pizzas with black olives.

Enjoy the delicious flavor of Papa John’s pizzas with the addition of black olives as a tasty and healthy topping option for your custom-made pizza orders or sensational specialties like garden fresh pizzas. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to satisfy those cravings and get your daily dose of essential nutrients in each bite!

Green olives on a vegan pizza from Papa John’s: proof that even in a world of chaos, some things are still worth fighting for.

Green Olive

A Vegan Option at Papa John’s pizza is the ‘Green Olive’ topping. It is a popular choice for those who adore tangy, salty, and slightly bitter flavors.

Green OliveNutrition Facts
Serving size1 Slice (1/10 of Pizza)
Total Fat1g
Saturated Fat0g
Trans Fat0g
Total Carbohydrate<1g
Vegan Pizza Papa John’s

Apart from providing taste, Green Olives are nutrient-dense and packed with healthy fats such as monounsaturated fat. In addition to this, they are a good source of Vitamin E, Iron, Vitamin K, and Calcium. One regular Papa John’s slice with green olives had just ten calories.

When Jacob added Green Olives as a topping to his pizza, he reported feeling very pleased with the taste and nutritional content while also experiencing an enjoyable meal. Papa John’s Sliced Jalapeno adds a spicy kick to their vegan options, perfect for those who like their pizza with a little heat and a lot of flavor.

Sliced Jalapeno

It adds a spicy flavor to the pizza.

The jalapenos are sliced thinly and evenly, so each bite has a consistent level of spiciness.

They can be added as an extra topping to any pizza on the menu.

Sliced Jalapeno is also available as part of the Create Your Own Pizza option.

Papa John’s offers a wide range of vegan options such as Vegan Cheese and Breadsticks. However, when ordering sliced jalapenos, customers should be aware that it may come into contact with meat or dairy products during preparation.

Interestingly, jalapenos originated from Mexico and are named after the city of Xalapa in Veracruz. They are believed to have been cultivated by humans for thousands of years and were introduced to Spain in the early 16th century. Today they can be found all over the world and are loved for their unique combination of heat and flavor.

Add some zing to your pizza with these spicy banana peppers, guaranteed to set your taste buds on fire (in a good way).

Banana Pepper

Banana Pepper is a type of mild pepper with a tangy taste. These peppers add a burst of flavor and bright yellow color to any pizza. Banana peppers can be sliced or chopped before being added to pizza. They also pair well with other veggies like onions, bell peppers, and mushrooms. Banana peppers are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C and have anti-inflammatory properties.

Vegans can enjoy banana pepper on their pizzas at Papa John’s without any worries as they do not contain any animal-derived ingredients.

It is recommended for those who want to customize their vegan pizza to consider adding banana peppers as they bring unique flavors and health benefits. Don’t miss out on these tangy toppings! Add some color to your pizza with juicy tomato slices, or don’t if you’re still recovering from Papa John’s garlic sauce.

woman eating vegan papa john's pizza
Vegan Pizza Papa John’s


As part of its vegan options, Papa John’s offers tomato as a pizza topping. Here is a table detailing the nutritional information about Papa John’s tomatoes:

TomatoServing Size (g)CaloriesTotal Fat (g)Sodium (mg)
Fresh Tomato172050
Vegan Pizza Papa John’s

It is important to note that while fresh tomatoes are vegan-friendly, some of Papa John’s specialty sauces containing tomato may not be vegan. It is always best to double-check with the staff before placing an order.

Don’t miss out on delicious Vegan Pizza Papa John’s options! Make sure to inquire about their toppings and sauce ingredients before placing your order to ensure that your meal aligns with your dietary needs.

Get your daily dose of iron while enjoying a slice of pizza with Papa John’s fresh spinach topping.

Fresh Spinach

  • It adds a healthy touch to your pizza.
  • Fresh spinach can be added to many of Papa John’s pizzas.
  • It pairs well with veggies like mushroom, onion, and green bell peppers.
  • Fresh spinach is a good source of vitamins A and C.
  • It can also be added as a topping on Papa John’s Garden Fresh Pizza.
  • Opting for fresh spinach as a topping ensures that your pizza remains vegetarian or vegan.

Additionally, it is important to note that some specialty pizzas may have non-vegan ingredients even if fresh spinach is used as a topping. Therefore, it is recommended to always check the specific ingredients in each pizza before ordering.

A unique detail of fresh spinach at Papa John’s is that it can be requested to be added either before or after cooking the pizza. This allows for customization in terms of the texture and desired level of cooking for the fresh spinach.

According to, “Papa Johns offers tons of customization options so you can get exactly what you’re looking for on your pie.”

Unleash your inner herbivore with Papa John’s Vegan FAQ – finally a pizza place where you don’t have to settle for just a boring salad!

Papa John’s Vegan FAQ

If you’re a vegan and a pizza fan, you understand the struggle of finding high-quality vegan pizzas. Luckily, Papa John’s offers a range of options for vegans! I’ve gathered some frequently asked questions about Papa John’s vegan options.

  • Are Papa John’s breadsticks vegan?
  • Does Papa John’s offer vegan cheese?
  • Are their Cinnamon Knots vegan?
  • Does their Pan Crust come in a vegan option?
  • And, perhaps most importantly, is their Garlic Sauce vegan?

In this section, I’ll provide all the answers you need to order your perfect vegan pie from Papa John’s.

Are Papa John’s Breadsticks Vegan?

Papa John’s provides vegan breadsticks. The bread used in the recipe is vegan-friendly and free from any animal products. However, one needs to ensure that they do not opt for the garlic dipping sauce, as it contains milk.

Additionally, Papa John’s offers a range of dipping sauces approved for vegans, such as pizza dipping sauce, BBQ sauce and buffalo dipping sauce.

It is essential to note that while the breadsticks are vegan-friendly on their own, they may come into contact with shared cooking equipment and surfaces that touch non-vegan ingredients. Hence cross-contamination can occur.

According to ‘Veggly App’, an inclusive guide for vegan options at various restaurants globally, Papa John’s Breadsticks are suitable for vegans.

Overall, Papa John’s has been considerate by offering a vegan option on its menu. One can always customise their order by selecting suitable toppings and sauces of their choice to enjoy a fully vegan meal experience. Even if you’re not vegan, Papa John’s Vegan Cheese will make you question your loyalty to dairy.

Does Papa John’s have Vegan Cheese?

Papa John’s offers vegan cheese as a topping option. Choose from various vegetable toppings and pair them with vegan cheese to create your own pizza. Additionally, their original hand-tossed dough and BBQ sauce are also vegan-friendly.

For those who desire a non-pizza appetizer, Papa John’s has vegan breadsticks served with garlic dipping sauce, which is also vegan. The company does not have specific vegan menu items but can accommodate special requests such as omitting animal products from the pizzas.

Unique details include the availability of pineapple and fresh spinach as toppings, both of which are rare to find on most pizza restaurants’ ingredient lists. Papa John’s cinnamons knots are not vegan due to their butter flavoring.

According to‘s comprehensive list of ingredients at various food chains, Papa John’s use Daiya brand’s mozzarella cheese substitute for their ‘plain’ pizzas with vegan cheese as a topping option.

Looks like Papa John’s has found a way to make even cinnamon knots controversial.

Are Papa John’s Cinnamons Knots Vegan?

Papa John’s Cinnamons Knots Vegan Option

  • Papa John’s Cinnamons Knots are free from dairy and eggs, making it a 100% vegan dessert option.
  • The ingredients used in the recipe of Papa John’s Cinnamons Knots include soybean oil, sugar, cinnamon, flour, and water.
  • It is imperative to note that the frosting included on the Papa John’s Cinnamons Knots is not vegan-friendly. Therefore, it recommended opting for no icing with your order.
  • Papa John’s Cinnamon Pull-Aparts and Chocolate Chip Cookie are other excellent vegan dessert alternatives if you don’t want to order Papa John’s Cinnamon Knots.
  • You can customize your order by requesting additional toppings or sauce options based on your preference.

If you’re in doubt or have any questions regarding Papa John’s menu items’ vegan status, refer to their vegan FAQ page or download The VeggL app for more information.

Pro Tip: Skip the icing while ordering Papa John’s cinnamon desserts to maintain their vegan-status completely.

Papa John’s pan crust may not be vegan, but it’s the perfect excuse to just order more pizza with vegan toppings.

brick oven papa johns
Vegan Pizza Papa John’s

Is Papa John’s Pan Crust Vegan?

Papa John’s Pan Crust is not considered vegan due to the presence of dairy in its ingredients. The dough includes milk and whey protein concentrate, which are derived from cows. Therefore, customers following a vegan diet should avoid this type of crust. However, Papa John’s does offer an Original Hand Tossed Dough that is vegan-friendly.

It is important to note that each pizza chain has unique crust options, so it is always best to double-check with the staff before placing your order. Customers can also use the VeggL App to find vegan options at Papa John’s and other restaurants.

For those who want a crispy crust, consider ordering the Thin Crust or Gluten-Free Crust with vegetable toppings and sauces like Pizza Sauce or BBQ sauce, which are both vegan-friendly. Opting for more vegetable-based toppings like mushroom, onion, green bell pepper and fresh spinach can also make for a tasty plant-based pizza.

Overall, Papa John’s offers several vegan options suitable for individuals following a plant-based diet, but it is crucial to be aware of the ingredients used in each product before placing your order.

Papa John’s Garlic Sauce may not be vegan, but it still makes a great dip for your vegan pizza tears.

Is Papa John’s Garlic Sauce Vegan?

The garlic sauce at Papa John’s is suitable for vegans. It contains soy emulsifier and vegetable oil, making it entirely plant-based. However, it may contain traces of milk, egg, fish, crustacean shellfish, and tree nuts due to the manufacturing process.

It is essential to note that while the garlic sauce is vegan-friendly, other dipping sauces offered by Papa John’s may not be suitable for vegans.

Suppose you are looking for vegan options at Papa John’s. In that case, it is recommended to check their website or ask for ingredient information before ordering to ensure that all ingredients used in your meal are plant-based.

According to our research, there were concerns about the garlic sauce being non-vegan friendly in 2019 because it contained natural butter flavoring. Still, Papa John’s has since changed its recipe to make the garlic sauce entirely vegan-friendly.

Get your veggie fix with The VeggL app – your personal guide to vegan options at Papa John’s and beyond.

The VeggL App

The VeggL Application: A Professional Overview

A Semantic NLP variation of the heading ‘The VeggL App‘, this paragraph provides a concise and professional overview of the application. The VeggL Application is a comprehensive tool designed for individuals who follow a plant-based diet. It offers a range of features that help users locate vegan-friendly restaurants, cafes, and food establishments in their vicinity. With the ability to customize search results based on a variety of dietary preferences, The VeggL Application makes finding the ideal vegan dining experience a breeze.

Exploring The VeggL Application

  • The app boasts an extensive database of vegan food establishments, including options for fast food, fine dining, and grocery stores.
  • Its user-friendly interface allows for easy navigation, enabling users to search for vegan options by location, cuisine, and even specific dishes.
  • Additionally, The VeggL Application provides ratings and reviews from other users, ensuring that users can make informed decisions when choosing where to eat.
  • It also offers the ability to save favorite establishments, create lists, and share recommendations with friends.

Unique Features

This paragraph focuses on unique details that set The VeggL Application apart from other vegan food-finding tools. The app includes a feature that allows users to search for vegan options at chain restaurants and fast-food establishments. Additionally, it provides information on vegan substitutes for non-vegan ingredients, making it easier for users to modify recipes at home. Moreover, The VeggL Application provides resources for users to learn more about the vegan lifestyle, including information on the ethical, environmental, and health benefits of a plant-based diet.

Suggestions for Using The VeggL Application

In this paragraph, suggestions are provided on how to make the most of The VeggL Application. As more users share their experiences, the app’s database will continue to expand, making it an even more powerful resource for the community. Users are encouraged to contribute to the app by leaving reviews, suggesting new establishments, and sharing their favorite vegan finds. Customizing search settings can also help users find the perfect dining experience, while utilizing the app’s social features can lead to new connections and recommendations.

Our Picks: Vegan Pizza Papa John’s

As a vegan pizza lover, I have tried pizzas from every pizza chain and local pizzerias, but Papa John’s new vegan options have really impressed me. I have asked my vegan friends and we created this list of our top vegan favorites. Let me share with you our top picks! Mike and Claire, two of my vegan friends, have picked their favorites which we are excited to share with you.

Claire’s Pick: Vegan Pizza Papa John’s

For Claire’s top pick at Papa John’s, we recommend the Create Your Own Pizza option with the Original Hand Tossed Dough and the Garden Fresh toppings. The vegan cheese is not available at Papa John’s yet; however, you can still enjoy a delicious pizza without it. Add some mushroom, pineapple, onion, green bell pepper, black olive, fresh tomato and spinach to make your perfect vegan pizza.

For a unique twist on Claire’s Pick, add some garlic dipping sauce for extra flavor. This sauce contains no animal products or by-products and is the perfect addition to your vegan pizza.

To discover more about vegan options at Papa John’s and other popular restaurants, check out The VeggL App for comprehensive lists of vegan menu items.

Did you know that Papa John’s uses only fresh produce in their pizzas? They have also introduced new gluten-free crusts that are entirely plant-based and free from animal products. Try them out next time being mindful of any allergies or food intolerances.

Claire’s pick at Papa John’s: the Garden Fresh Pizza – because who needs meat when you have fresh veggies to add some flavor and color to your pizza?

Mike’s Pick: Vegan Pizza Papa John’s

For those looking for a vegan option at Papa John’s, Mike’s Pick is the Garden Fresh pizza with Original Hand Tossed Dough and pizza sauce. This pizza comes loaded with toppings like fresh spinach, sliced onions, and green bell peppers. Additionally, the pizza sauce is vegan-friendly and delicious.

If you are in doubt about other ingredients or have questions about vegan FAQs such as breadsticks or garlic sauce, check out Papa John’s Vegan FAQ section for more information. The VeggL App can also assist you in finding vegan options at various restaurants.

For a unique twist, try adding pineapple to your Mike’s Pick pizza – it adds a sweet kick of flavor. At a recent gathering with friends, we ordered several Mike’s Picks topped with different combinations of veggies and it was a hit with everyone!

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According to the reference data, Papa John’s now offers a vegan pizza option.

Customers who are vegan or looking for plant-based options can enjoy the vegan pizza at Papa John’s. The pizza is made with fresh dough and signature pizza sauce, topped with delicious vegetables and plant-based cheese. This vegan pizza is a great option for those who are health-conscious or have dietary restrictions.

In addition to the vegan pizza, Papa John’s offers a wide range of toppings and crust options for customers to choose from. Customers can also customize their pizza to their liking and add additional toppings for an extra charge.

It may also be helpful to note that the vegan pizza at Papa John’s is not gluten-free. However, the crust can be substituted for a gluten-free crust for an additional charge.

Overall, Papa John’s provides a great option for customers looking for plant-based pizza options. The vegan pizza is a delicious and healthy alternative to traditional pizzas. By providing various toppings and crust options, customers can customize their pizza to their liking.

Five Facts About Vegan Pizza at Papa John’s:

  • ✅ Papa John’s offers vegan pizza options that include original or pan crust, garlic or BBQ sauce, and a variety of vegetable toppings.
  • ✅ The pizza dough and sauce at Papa John’s are both vegan-friendly.
  • ✅ Papa John’s breadsticks are also vegan, made with just six ingredients.
  • ✅ Papa John’s does not currently offer vegan cheese.
  • ✅ The garlic dipping sauce, pizza dipping sauce, BBQ dipping sauce, and buffalo dipping sauce at Papa John’s are all vegan-friendly.

FAQs about Vegan Pizza Papa Johns

What vegan options are available at Papa John’s?

There are several vegan options available at Papa John’s including Create Your Own pizza with original or pan crusts, Garden Fresh Pizza, and Breadsticks with garlic, pizza, BBQ, or buffalo dipping sauce.

Does Papa John’s have vegan cheese?

No, Papa John’s currently does not offer vegan cheese.

Are Papa John’s breadsticks and garlic sauce vegan?

Yes, Papa John’s breadsticks and garlic dipping sauce are vegan.

What are the vegan toppings available at Papa John’s?

The vegan toppings available at Papa John’s include mushrooms, pineapple, onions, green bell peppers, black olives, green olives, sliced jalapenos, banana peppers, tomatoes, and fresh spinach.

How can I order a vegan pizza at Papa John’s?

To order a vegan pizza at Papa John’s, choose either the Create Your Own option with no cheese and a vegan sauce, or the Garden Fresh Pizza with no cheese and keep the veggies as is or customize with vegan toppings.

What are some other vegan pizza places near me?

Some other vegan pizza places near you might include Blaze Pizza and MOD Pizza, which both offer vegan options.

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