Vegan Boots

Vegan Boots


If you’re interested in wearing boots, but you don’t want to wear leather, you’re in luck. There are plenty of vegan options out there, from barefoot boots to knee-highs to mid-calf boots. Some of the best brands are Matt & Nat and Grenson.

Matisse’s Coconuts collection

Matisse Coconuts collection Vegan Boots

The Coconuts collection by Matisse Footwear is a vegan footwear line that offers an extensive selection of styles. From sandals to all-over woven boots, the Coconuts line is an ethical footwear brand that utilizes vegan materials.

These boots have an amazing design, with an emphasis on quality craftsmanship. The Matisse Coconuts line uses up-cycled and cruelty-free materials. You can find vegan combat boots, western boots, and ankle boots in this line.

Matisse is an LA-based, ethical footwear brand that manufactures shoes for men and women. They are designed to be fashionable, but they also are made responsibly.

The Carmona Collection by three sisters in Leon Guanajuato, Mexico, is another ethical footwear brand. Their collection is made from 100% organic cactus, and the boots are designed to last.

Vegan footwear brands have become increasingly popular. Most are designed to reduce carbon footprints. While some use recycled plastics, others are made from cork or pineapple leaf fibers.

Vegan boots are more affordable than animal-based leather. In fact, many are priced at an average of just over US $160. Besides their fashion-forward looks, vegan boots are also comfortable. This is because they do not contain any animal-based glue or fur.

Humans Are Vain is a Swedish brand that produces shoes from eco-friendly materials. Their shoes are certified by PETA. Their best vegan leather boots feature recycled rubber insoles and a carbon neutral supply chain.

Another ethical shoe brand is A Perfect Jane, based in the Netherlands. They make a variety of vegan footwear, including UGG-style boots.

The brand’s production model is unisex, which allows it to focus on sustainable and ethical practices. Some of the materials used by Nae Vegan Shoes include pineapple leather, cork, Oeko-Tex certified ecological microfiber, and more.

Grenson’s Vegan Brady boots

Grenson's Vegan Brady boots

If you’re looking for a stylish and functional pair of shoes for men or women, then Grenson’s vegan Brady boots are right up your alley. The company has been making high quality footwear since 1866. In addition to the classics, Grenson has also branched out to include a plethora of designs to fit any budget.

The Grenson Vegan Brady is not just the best vegan boot of its type, it is also the best luxury vegan boot you can buy. This style is crafted with a water absorbing textile and features an absorbent upper and Microlight rubber welt.

The company has even managed to incorporate the latest in vegan technology into their design process. Aside from the aforementioned microfibre upper, they also utilize polyurethane, recycled PET and cotton to make this boot the greenest in town. Unlike a lot of its contemporaries, Grenson has not forgotten about shoe making’s old timers.

It’s no wonder why this brand’s namesake is on the list of the shoe industry’s most trusted names. Their extensive collection of men’s and women’s shoes is a testament to their commitment to quality. For a taste of this brand’s footwear, head over to their website for a look at the collection today.

Besides offering the most stylish and comfortable pairs of footwear on the market, Grenson’s website boasts a hefty sale featuring up to 50% off on a range of footwear. You can get your hands on a pair for less than a tenner, and free shipping to most of the world is a bonus. Plus, they will gladly give you a free return in most countries. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the best vegan boot of its kind and save a few pounds along the way!

Ahinsa’s handmade vegan barefoot boots

Ahinsa's handmade vegan barefoot boots Vegan Boots

The Czech Republic-based shoe brand Ahinsa makes 100% vegan barefoot boots. Founded by physiotherapist Lukas Klimpera, the company’s aim is to make shoes that support healthy walking, but are not performance-based.

Ahinsa offers vegan booties in a variety of styles. The brand also offers a range of ankle boots, which come in a variety of colors.

Ahinsa shoes are made from European Union-sourced materials. In addition, they are produced in a factory in Moravia, Czech Republic, which helps to minimise intercontinental transport.

These barefoot shoes are designed in collaboration with physiotherapists and professionals in the field of health. They have a soft, breathable, and comfortable heel counter, as well as a flexible zero-drop sole. There are also models that have an insole that is removable for added cushioning.

The CF+ ultradry material used to make the insoles is OEKO-TEX certified. It absorbs water in just two seconds. Another innovative material used in this brand’s shoes is Pinatex. This material is water-repellent and is a natural, plant-based leather substitute.

In addition to being 100% vegan, these boots are also cruelty-free. No animal products or fur are used, and the rubber is made from pineapple leaf fibers.

While they are not sports- or fitness-oriented, these shoes will fit in with any look. You can wear them with shorts for summer, or trousers for business settings.

Ahinsa is a great choice for vegans looking for quality, ethically-made barefoot shoes. Their main philosophy is respect. That includes being respectful of the socio-economical working conditions of their workers.

In addition, their commitment to a sustainable, ethical, and cruelty-free business model is also impressive. The company’s impact investment fund supports regenerative social initiatives and environmental sustainability efforts.

Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather

Good Guys Don't Wear Leather Vegan Boots

If you want a stylish and sustainable shoe, you have come to the right place. This online store is based in France and ships all over the globe. They have an array of fashion forward footwear to choose from, ranging from formal oxfords to casual canvas sneakers. The best part is they pay their workers a fair wage, which is a first in this industry.

They are not exactly cheap, but the quality is worth the splurge. In fact, they have been awarded the title of “Europe’s Best Vegan Shoe Company” by PETA. They also have an eco-friendly touch with their use of a greener material, microfiber. Using a synthetic material like microfiber is a better choice than using leather, which is often a petroleum-based product.

While the name might be a mouthful, they have something for everyone. In addition to their nifty patented microfibers, they also use natural rubber and wood soles to make their shoes. As for the quality of their materials, they boast of being the world’s only company that makes vegan shoes from start to finish. You can learn more about their products from their website or if you’re feeling more traditional, you can drop in for a visit at their flagship store in Paris. To keep up with their growing empire, you can sign up for their newsletter.

Aside from their cleverly named Good Guys brand, they also support several worthy causes, from environmental to charity. For instance, in 2015 they partnered with the world’s biggest charity auction, Bono’s ONE, to promote a one billion dollar donation to charity.

Matt & Nat

If you want vegan boots that are comfortable and stylish, you should check out Matt & Nat. The Canadian designer brand offers a variety of footwear for women and men, and they are made from recycled materials.

The company has a good variety of styles, and they are all available in Canada, France, Japan, and the United Kingdom. You can purchase shoes in different colors and sizes, including high heels, sandals, and slippers.

Although Matt & Nat makes a wide variety of footwear, their website doesn’t give much information on the materials used in their products. There is an “Our Materials” page, but it only provides vague descriptions of the material used in each shoe. For example, they mention that some of the footwear is made in Romania, but they don’t tell you exactly where.

However, they do offer a 30-day return policy. To receive a Return Authorization Number, customers must fill out an online form. They must include their name, email, and order number.

Although the website doesn’t provide many details, the company does make an effort to use environmentally friendly materials. Their product descriptions list the primary upper material, which is usually PU or polyvinyl butyral.

Matt & Nat’s shoes are available in several different styles, such as high heel boots, knee-high boots, and booties. The brand also offers shoes for toddlers, including ballerina slippers.

Founded in 1995, MATT & NAT has grown to become an international company with stores in more than 20 countries. Although they don’t offer free shipping, they do accept Mastercard, Visa, Apple Pay, and Discover. In addition, they are PETA-approved vegan footwear, which means they do not use animal products in their products.


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