Top 5 Vegan Foundations


A vegan foundation can be a great alternative to traditional foundation, especially if you’re looking for something that doesn’t contain any animal-derived ingredients. However, it can be difficult to find a good vegan foundation, so you should make sure to do your research before purchasing one. Here are some products to consider:

Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics Instabake

Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics Instabake Top 5 Vegan Foundations

Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics is a brand that sells makeup products that are vegan and cruelty free. These products come in a wide variety of colors and shades, so they are sure to meet your needs. They are also easy on the wallet, and their prices are very reasonable.

As a cruelty-free company, Beauty Bakerie aims to do as much as possible to protect animals. The company donates its profits to nonprofits that work to protect orphaned children around the world. It also supports Sugar Homes, a nonprofit organization that helps orphans find permanent homes.

When starting Beauty Bakerie, Cashmere Nicole had her eyes on creating a makeup line that used all natural ingredients. She spent her free time developing popular products with a chemist. This led to a five-year plan that she hoped would help the company go from a side-hustle to a full-fledged makeup brand.

Before starting Beauty Bakerie, Cashmere had to work a regular job, and she had to struggle to make ends meet. After her breast cancer diagnosis, she decided to turn her dream into a business. While she had a hard time raising her daughter, Jasmyn, she continued to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams. In the end, she founded Beauty Bakerie, which is now one of the most popular makeup brands in the industry.

The company’s first product, the¬†Instabake Foundation, was loved by Jackie Aina, and it is available in a wide range of shades. During an Instagram campaign, the company promoted its smudge-proof lipsticks.

Several of Beauty Bakerie’s products are also available in stores. You can find them at Boots, Selfridges, Morphe, and other locations. However, if you don’t live near a store, you can order online. To order, you’ll need an email address and a password. Once you’ve signed up, you can opt into the company’s newsletter. There’s also a loyalty program, in which you earn points when you buy certain products. Currently, there are three levels of membership.

If you’re interested in trying some Beauty Bakerie cosmetics, you’ll want to check out the brand’s website. Depending on your preferences, you can register your account, opt into the company’s newsletter, or select “Priority Shipping.”

When you purchase from Beauty Bakerie, you will need to register your name, email address, and a password. You can choose from several types of shipping services, and you can opt to have your packages insured. Also, make sure to look for special promotions and coupons.

Despite its lack of official certifications, Beauty Bakerie does make a strong effort to be a cruelty-free brand. However, there are some areas where it needs to improve. For instance, they should provide more information about their production process and the ingredients in their products. Additionally, they should also make more of an effort to provide customer service.

While Beauty Bakerie is a great company with adorable packaging and a lot of products, it can sometimes be difficult to find a particular shade. Their return policy isn’t as good as other brands, and their shipping methods can cause delays.

Too Faced Born This Way

too faced born this way foundation Top 5 Vegan Foundations

If you’re looking for a foundation that gives you light to medium coverage, but is also vegan, Too Faced’s Born This Way foundation may be the right choice for you. Its natural formula contains coconut water to keep your skin moisturized and plump throughout the day. You can use it alone or in combination with other products.

Too Faced is one of the most well-known high-end makeup brands. Its products are available at Ulta and Sephora. They’re also available online. But before you buy, you’ll want to know more about their cruelty-free status.

While Too Faced isn’t fully vegan, it does offer several vegan options. These include a multi-use sculpting concealer, a super coverage foundation, and an oil-free foundation.

The Born This Way Multi Use Sculpting Concealer is a paraben-free concealer that comes in a deep shade. This formula provides medium to full coverage, so you can highlight, conceal, or contour with it.

The Born This Way Super Coverage Foundation is a highly versatile foundation that can be used to conceal flaws, add light coverage, or create a dewy glow. Hyaluronic acid, an ingredient found in this formula, helps to plump fine lines and smooth the look of your skin.

There are many great vegan options in today’s market, so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding a foundation that works for you. Some of the best are water-based, hydrating, and offer adaptable pigments.

Urban Decay’s All Nighter Liquid Foundation

Urban Decay's All Nighter Liquid Foundation Top 5 Vegan Foundations

Urban Decay’s All Nighter Liquid Foundation is a liquid foundation that can last you the night. It’s a full coverage product that offers a matte finish that will make your skin glow. The best part about this product is that it doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry and oily.

This foundation comes in a sleek bottle that has an airless pump to ensure that your makeup stays in place. The bottle also contains asymmetric cutouts that add to its luxurious look. In addition to the fancy new bottle, the Urban Decay All Nighter is packed with other goodies like Magnesium Sulfate, Cyclopentasiloxane, and PEG/PPG-18/18 Dimethicone.

One of the best features of the All Nighter is that it is oil free. Not only does this prevent you from looking shiny, but the foundation will also minimize your midday shine. You can use the product on its own, or set it with a setting spray.

While this isn’t the only waterproof, breathable, or high coverage foundation on the market, Urban Decay’s All Nighter does the job. To achieve a flawless face makeup look, you can apply the product using a UD Pro foundation brush, a makeup sponge, or the company’s patented budge proof mascara.

Despite its shortcomings, the All Nighter Liquid Foundation is arguably the best product in its class. With its long lasting formula and impressive pigment, it’s the perfect choice for people with combination skin types.

Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation SPF 15

Tarte's Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation SPF 15 Top 5 Vegan Foundations

The Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation is not a new concept. It was relaunched in April of this year and the reimagined version makes the shades of old stand out from the pack. Like many of the company’s makeup offerings, it’s a budget friendly way to upgrade your appearance without breaking the bank. For example, it contains micronized zinc, titanium, and antioxidant vitamin E to help protect your skin from the elements.

Tarte’s latest and greatest is a full coverage foundation with the ability to provide flawless, hydrated coverage that lasts up to 12 hours. The company has also reimagined its packaging, making it easier for you to see the colors and shades that match your complexion. While it still looks like a million bucks on the vanity, the new formula offers a wide range of hues that are sure to flatter any skin tone. Plus, the new formula’s multitasking powers come in handy when you’re not getting ready for a night on the town.

If you’re still on the hunt for the best full coverage foundation on the market, Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation is a great place to start. In addition to the brand’s tried and true, the formula is also packed with the latest in skin care technology, such as the skin care aficionado’s best friend, the patented SPF 15 sunscreen. Moreover, it is a lightweight, water resistant formula that gives your skin an even-toned, supple sheen.

Ere Perez’s All Natural Oat Milk Foundation

Ere Perez's All Natural Oat Milk Foundation Top 5 Vegan Foundations

The all natural Oat Milk Foundation by Ere Perez is a solid choice if you’re looking for an all natural creme de creme that’s not too heavy on the oats. The creme is manufactured in France and is cruelty free. It also comes in an array of shades from sheer to dark. This cream is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of skin tones and complexions.

The best part about it is that you don’t have to sacrifice style for substance. For example, the creme consists of a creamy emulsion that blends effortlessly. In terms of color, you can choose from 8 shades to suit your needs. Also, it’s a non-greasy wonder that absorbs excess oils and helps keep them at bay. If you’re looking for a foundation to help you achieve the best look of your life, the all-natural Oat Milk by Ere Perez is the best way to go.

Getting started is easy. You just choose a shade from the extensive selection available and follow the directions. Then, you’re good to go. As for the product itself, the All Natural Oat Milk Foundation by Ere Perez comes in an array of shades from sheer to deep. Not to mention, the creme is cruelty-free and non-comedogenic. This product is a cinch to apply and doesn’t leave a dry patch. To top it off, it is priced at an affordable price point.

Complexion Rescue

Complexion Rescue Top 5 Vegan Foundations

Having a good vegan foundation will help you to achieve a radiant complexion. The foundation should not cake or feel heavy. It should also be free from harsh fragrances and clogged pores.

Fortunately, there are many high-quality, cruelty-free makeup options. You can start by looking for a brand that offers a wide range of shades. If you have sensitive skin, look for a foundation that contains hydrating ingredients. Whether you want a powder or liquid formula, there is a foundation to fit your skin’s needs.

Benefit Cosmetics, for instance, has an Amazonian Clay foundation that is perfect for your complexion. This foundation is light and matte, providing coverage that lasts up to 12 hours. For your dry skin, look for a water-based, lightweight vegan foundation.

BareMinerals, owned by Shiseido, has become one of the leading manufacturers of mineral makeup. Many of their products are not tested on animals, although some may contain animal-derived ingredients.

Another brand with a wide selection of vegan foundations is Kat von D. Kat’s foundations are known for their pigments that keep your face matte, giving you a natural-looking finish. Moreover, this brand’s shades can be adjusted to suit your complexion.

Complexion Rescue, also from BareMinerals, is a water-based, oil-free, and paraben-free foundation. With its sheer to medium coverage, it can be worn as a concealer or as a foundation. And its SPF 25 will protect you from the sun’s damaging rays.


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