The Best Vegan Donuts Around the World

The Best Vegan Donuts Around the World


Whether you’re on a special diet or just love the taste of donuts, you should try vegan donuts at least once. They’re delicious and often healthier than other types of sweets, too. Here are some of the best spots in town for these tasty treats.

Erin McKenna’s

Erin McKenna's The Best Vegan Donuts Around the World

There’s a reason why Erin McKenna’s bakery is on the short list of best places to get a donut and a cup of joe in New York. Their signature donuts are made from plant based flours, and the baked goods are a step above your average diner grub. They have a nice assortment of sweet and savory offerings, ranging from classic favorites like the requisite doughnut to more modern concoctions such as the snickerdoodle and apple fritter. For those looking for a less formal dining experience, they also offer catering options for a range of budgets.

Considering they have two locations in Manhattan, they are pretty busy, especially on the weekends. While they may be a bit of a drive for some, if you’re willing to take the ferry or a subway, you’ll be rewarded with a treat that is worthy of a trip to the Big Apple. A few years back, they even opened a new storefront in Brooklyn, and a second location in the city’s burgeoning Frogtown. If you’re not in the mood to cook, you can take their goodies to your local coffee shop, or you can opt for a boxed sample to go.

Crosstown Donuts

Crosstown Donuts The Best Vegan Donuts Around the World

If you’re looking for vegan donuts in London, you’ve come to the right place. Several major companies have stepped up to the plate, providing a variety of flavours.

Marks & Spencer has a range of frozen vegan donuts that can be baked, fried, or heated. These donuts are filled with coconut caramel or passion fruit.

While some bakery brands use gelatine or artificial sweeteners, Crosstown doughnuts are made with fresh ingredients like chia seeds, silken tofu, and coconut butter.

The doughnuts are made with a signature sourdough, which is then rolled by hand. Some of the doughnuts have a glazed finish, while others are dusted with an oaty crumble.

Crosstown Doughnuts has a number of vegan options available, but there’s no shortage of non-vegan treats, either. They’re available in a variety of sizes and colours, and you can also order custom donuts. For a limited time, you can also buy a special Vegan Crosstown Gift Box, which includes a box of doughnuts and a book by Sara Kiyo Popowa.

You can also find a great selection of vegan donuts at Borough 22. This all-vegan bakery in London has a huge range of tasty donuts.

Happy Donuts

Happy Donuts vegan donuts Bath, England the best vegan donuts around the world

Happy Donuts is a local bakery that sells vegan donuts in Bath, England. The owners of Happy Donuts want to normalize veganism and destroy the stigma surrounding plant-based foods. They are on a mission to become a full-fledged bakery that produces vegan goods.

Their goal is to make vegan donuts so good that people who aren’t vegan can eat them without feeling guilty. This bakery features a variety of donuts, including vegan cake donuts, which are served with a plate and napkins.

Vegan baked donuts are healthier than fried donuts. Instead of using animal fats or sugar, they use vegan applesauce and vegan yogurt. You can also choose to add in a chocolate glaze.

Happy Zeo offers a wide variety of donuts, from lemon-dusted varieties to chocolate varieties. If you’re looking for a healthy treat, try the vegan baked blueberry donuts. These are fluffy and sweet, making them a great breakfast or snack.

Happy Donuts is a member of the Eco-Alliance. As the owners of the bakery aim to become a safe space for queer people, they’re committed to delivering their products to customers in a fun and friendly manner.


Galeta the best vegan donuts around the world

Galeta Bakery is one of the best vegan doughnut bakeries in London. They also serve macarons and Portuguese custard tarts. The bakery offers a range of vegan donuts and doughnuts, including blueberry, raspberry and chocolate brownie. In addition, the bakery offers gluten free cakes.

These baked vegan donuts are light and fluffy, and packed with wholesome ingredients. The lemon poppyseed donuts, for example, are made with fresh blueberries and topped with a light vanilla frosting. This is a satisfying snack, and perfect for a cold winter morning.

Another delicious treat is the baked chocolate chip donuts. These are sweet and chewy, and are made with only eight ingredients. You can choose to have them topped with a cashew cream or strawberry glaze.

A sweeter treat is the vegan chocolate donuts. These doughnuts are drenched in chocolate and topped with coconut flakes. For an even sweeter bite, you can add a chocolate glaze.

If you’re looking for a healthier alternative, you might consider the chocolate chia seed donuts. Made with chia seeds, they’re high in protein and fats, and they’re refined sugar free.

Happy Zeo

Happy Zeo the best vegan donuts around the world

The Happy Zoe may be a bit on the pricier side, but this Brooklyn based bakery is well worth the splurge. With some of the most creative donuts you’ll find in the city, this is a foodie’s dream come true. Their donuts are made from a blend of vegan milk, gluten free flour, and the best ingredients in the universe, such as maple syrup, brown sugar, and pure chocolate. They even make a special batch of donuts for special occasions.

The top notch menu, if you can call yourself a foodie, features a wide selection of savoury and sweet treats. There are also some impressive cakes and cookies to boot. Not to mention some of the most knowledgeable staff you’ll ever meet. It’s not hard to see why they’ve made it to the number one spot in the Best of Brooklyn rankings.

This New York bakery’s main draws include the tasty tidbits, a solid assortment of artisanal beverages, and a plethora of gluten free offerings. With an unassuming front and an equally friendly staff, this is definitely the place to be when you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Planet Bake

If you’re in the market for a new donut, you’ve come to the right place. These gluten-free and vegan confections are the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth without breaking your healthy diet. Whether you’re craving a calorie-free breakfast or an afternoon splurge, these tasty treats are sure to delight. They’re made with all-natural ingredients, so they’re free from artificial additives and ingredients. With six unique flavors, you’re sure to find something you’ll love. The best part is that they’re reasonably priced. This is especially true of the pricier varieties, where a dozen donuts runs less than $10.

Planet Bake’s offerings aren’t just delicious, though. They’re also nutritious, courtesy of a plethora of healthful additives such as flax and pea proteins, as well as nutrient-rich coconut milk. And, while it’s true that the company isn’t exactly known for its bread and butter, you can find their donuts in a variety of retail outlets, ranging from supermarkets to coffee shops.

Scoop ‘n Dough

Scoop ‘n Dough is a confectionary restaurant in Lisbon that specializes in vegan donuts and ice cream. Its doughnuts are brioche-style, made with plant-based ingredients and hand-made. The dough is baked every morning. In addition, the store offers delicious coffee, desserts, and cinnamon rolls.

Scoop ‘n Dough won the best vegan donut title from HappyCow. The company is owned by two brothers, doctors and nutritionists. They have dedicated three years to perfecting the process of making donuts and frozen desserts.

Their vegan donuts are made from plant-based ingredients, such as almonds and coconuts. They also offer dairy-free ice cream and a line of frosted and filled donuts.

For the best selection, arrive early. Customers should keep in mind that the Scoop ‘n Dough donuts are seasonal.

As part of its dedication to creating a positive experience, Scoop ‘n Dough focuses on small batches of ice cream and donuts. These treats are produced with artisanal methods, making them smoother and creamier than traditional donuts.

They are available for purchase online and in store. The shop is located in the heart of downtown Lisbon.

The Donut Pub

The Donut Pub has been churning out donuts and pastries since the early 1960s. Its retro exterior is a delight to behold and its aficionados have been clamoring for its treats for years. In fact, many sailors before the war enjoyed its wares. You can try the same old grub at one of its many locations or order from the comfort of your own home with the help of Postmates and Uber Eats.

There’s plenty to choose from when it comes to donuts in the Big Apple. Some of the sexiest places to get your dough fix include the Lower East Side and the Village. And if you’re in the market for something more substantial, head uptown. While the area is rife with donut shops, Sullivan Street Bakery is a must-try. They may not be as well known as their Brooklyn counterparts, but you can count on a quality product.

One of the more interesting parts of the experience is ordering a box of donuts to take home with you. If you don’t want to brave the elements, the Donut Pub’s delivery service is also available.


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