Levels of Veganism – Where to Draw the Line

Levels of Veganism – Where to Draw the Line

There are two levels of veganism – Level 5 and Level 4. A Level 5 vegan rejects all animal-derived products while a Level 4 pragmatist may consume some of them. Ultimately, which level you fall into is up to you. If you are undecided on your level of veganism, don’t worry – you can learn more about each by reading our article on the subject.

Level 5 vegans avoid all animal-derived products

According to the Vegucated community, there are different levels of veganism. A level two vegan is often influenced by documentaries, and they might still drink milk-based coffee and buy secondhand clothing made from animal skins. A level five vegan, on the other hand, avoids all animal-derived products. The name is a reference to a Simpsons episode where Lisa’s friend describes himself as a shadow eater.

The term “Level 5 Vegan” is used by people who adhere to the vegan lifestyle. A level five vegan avoids all animal-derived products, including makeup and cosmetics that have been tested on animals. They also avoid animal byproducts such as leather, gelatin, and some food colouring. However, a level five vegan does not completely avoid animal products. The term does not define a vegan lifestyle, as many people straddle the levels.

While a level five vegan is a little more experienced than a level two, they are also more aware of the issues related to animal agriculture and cruelty. They may even offer tips to other vegans. These vegans also often attend protests to raise awareness about animal ethics. They are also more aware of the benefits of a plant-based diet, and are a good resource for others to follow.

The concept of levels in veganism was popularized by the fictional Simpsons. Unlike the fictional cartoon characters, vegans have no such thing as a “best” or “worst” level. One vegan may be more ethically committed than another, but it is also more likely to be more committed to the cause than the other. Those with higher levels of commitment to animal ethics may be the most committed vegans.

Level 4 vegans consume some animal-derived products

If you’re not yet completely vegan, you should consider going a step further and becoming a level 4 vegan. This level is a bit more strict than level 3, and requires more commitment than level 5. However, it is definitely possible to go from level 3 to level 4 and still consume animal-derived products. To become a level 4 vegan, you must have been a level 3 for a while.

Many people who are vegan also go as far as Level 5 Vegan. This term comes from an episode of the Simpsons in which Lisa the Tree Hugger tries to eradicate animal exploitation. In this case, the Level 5 Vegan will not eat or use animal products. As such, the Level 5 Vegan is the most extreme type of vegan. A Level 4 vegan can eat some animal-derived products but not much, which can cause conflict among others.

As a Level 4 vegan, you can choose to purchase vegan cosmetics and personal care items. This option will involve some additional hassle and expense, but it will bring you 99 percent of the way to a vegan lifestyle. The vegans who eat and use animal-based products can also be a Level 5 vegan. However, being 100% vegan is not possible, as the law of diminishing returns makes it impossible to live a vegan lifestyle without using animal products.

Level 4 vegans are pragmatists

Vegans who are level four are dedicated to a strict dietary regime. As a result, they often eat only vegan food or choose to order vegan dishes in restaurants. They are passionate about animal rights and often join protests to further their cause. Level five vegans are most passionate about animal ethics, but may be hesitant to commit to a strict vegan diet. If you are at the beginning of the vegan journey, level four may be a good option.

Level 5 vegans are narcissistic

A level 5 vegan is a person who refuses to eat anything that casts a shadow. This term came about in an episode of The Simpsons titled Lisa the Tree Hugger. It refers to people who are so adamant about not consuming animal products, that they will go to extremes to eliminate animal exploitation. The term was a funny jab, originally coined for Lisa Simpson.

While the concept of a level 5 vegan is a parody of the extreme vegans, it also ignores the law of diminishing returns. After you’ve eradicated the major areas of animal exploitation, it becomes more difficult to eliminate the smallest bits. However, if you can see how this concept relates to animal rights, it’s still a healthy way to live. However, if you can’t keep yourself in perspective and you can’t stop thinking about animals constantly, then this kind of veganism can be unhealthy.

In contrast, level 5 vegans follow a healthy vegan diet that includes fruits, vegetables, and nuts. These individuals also only go to places that have vegan food. In addition, they won’t eat grass, so they don’t eat it. A level 5 vegan’s diet is highly regulated, and they avoid eating animals or grass. This is one of the main causes of narcissism.

In addition to avoiding animal products, level five vegans try to be as environmentally conscious as possible. This means they avoid leather, bone char, and processed sugar. They also try to avoid animal testing by choosing alternative ingredients, like organic food, sustainable practices, and vegan-friendly alternatives. However, they may occasionally indulge in some meat and dairy products. If that’s the case, this is an entirely different story.

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