Bulking Vs Overeating

Bulking Vs Overeating

A caloric surplus of 10 to 20 percent over your daily calorie needs is needed for bulking. You should consume the most calories in the form of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. However, you should also be careful not to overeat during this time, as excessive calorie intake can cause fat gain. Instead, spread out your bulking calories over five to seven meals throughout the day. This will help you keep the caloric surplus low and avoid overeating.

When you bulk, you should avoid eating too much carbohydrates. Too much carbs can prevent you from gaining muscle. If your body can’t process the extra calories, they are converted into body fat. As a result, you may cut your bulk early if you don’t like the look of your new muscles. Also, cutting your bulk early will limit your muscle gain and set you up for long cuts. The best way to achieve a healthy bulk is by following the recommended calorie intake and changing your lifestyle.

When it comes to bulking, clean bulking is far healthier than dirty bulking. Overeating taxes the digestive system and raises blood sugar. The digestive tract works overtime to break down food and digest it, which is not good for you. Clean bulking focuses on heart-healthy, beneficial foods for the body. A clean bulk diet consists of palm-sized portions of protein and half-plates of salad. If you’re concerned about the amount of carbohydrates, you’ll want to double the serving size of pasta and double the amount of oil and vinegar in your salad.

Bulking Vs Overeating

Intentional overfeeding is common among bodybuilders and athletes. These studies often involve a controlled phase of overfeeding that aims to increase the gains in lean muscle mass while minimizing the addition of fat. Although few studies have been conducted to investigate the effect of overeating on body composition, there are a few studies that compare changes in the composition of overweight and obese individuals. The studies used unrealistic caloric surpluses and lasted only two to three weeks.

Generally, a lean person gains more muscle than an obese person. However, overeating is not a healthy habit for bodybuilders, as it may increase their risk of health complications. Moreover, when compared to lean people, obese individuals show a higher risk of fat gain. So, the choice between overeating and bulking is very important. So, do your research and learn which way is right for you.

Clean bulking is difficult and requires discipline and planning. The best way to bulk is to eat foods that are rich in protein. Beef, bacon, and whole milk are good sources. Trail mix and nuts are also high in protein and healthy fats. A dirty bulk is great for those who struggle with weight or are unable to stick to a clean bulk diet. You can even use the MetPro App to track your food intake and get more information about how to bulk safely.

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